Our funeral home located at 51 N. Enola Dr. in Enola, PA has been in existence since 1983. Since the beginning, we have provided a spacious facility that many families would call "homey" and "quaint". They feel comfortable when they arrive because of its decor and soothing ambiance. Below are some pictures of our home...please feel free to make our home, your home when you are celebrating the life of your loved one.


The first picture is where the arrangement conference begins if you choose not to have the meeting in your home. We like the concept of meeting at a family table so we can comfortably and casually discuss the the details of the funeral.arrangement table









The next two pictures show the entrance to the funeral home and where you will be greeted by one of our caring staff members

entrance 1  entrance 2                


The last picture shows our quaint and comfortable chapel with our memory video television and closed circuit system so the funeral can be viewed from either room. This provides those visitors who may not want to be physically in the chapel an option to be seated in our adjoining chapel and still have the capability to view the service.

                                                                         Sullivan Chapel

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