Helpful Resources

Government Agencies

Social Security Administration                           1-800-772-1213                  

Veteran's Administration                                   1-800-827-1000                  

Cumberland County VA                                      717-240-6178                     

Cumberland County Coroner                               717-766-6418

PA Dept. of Health (Death Certificates)


Royer's Flowers                                                 717-730-4090

Pamela's Flowers                                               717-732-1257

Pealer's Flowers                                                  717-737-5606

Jeffries Flowers                                                                   717-591-0244

Alma's Flowers                                                                    717-944-3526

Catering Services

Sophia's on Market                                           717-975-3800

Nickoli's                                                           717-763-7778

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