Sullivan Funeral HomeContinuing John C. Sullivan's Legacy.....

On behalf of the Sullivan family, I would like to thank everyone who expressed their deepest sympathies to us while we mourn the loss of our founder, John C. Sullivan. A special thanks to all of our fellow funeral directors who so willingly offered to assist us during this difficult time. Throughout the years, John's commitment to dignified, professional, and affordable funeral service was quite evident. He cared so much for the business that he started; consequently, he wanted to ensure the community that it would thrive even after he retired.

In December of 2009, John approached me to help him at the funeral home. He knew that I was an Enola resident and cared about the community as well. As the years passed by, I learned many lessons from him as he mentored and groomed me to someday take his place. In August of 2013, John and Nancy sold the funeral home to my wife, Windy, and myself. He wanted to enjoy his retirement and spend as much time with his family as possible. We were hoping that we would have many years together with him; however, God had other plans for him.

Each and every day, I think about John and what his presence in our lives meant to our community. He has set a very high standard that I hope to live up to. You have my solemn promise to treat your family the same way John did. When you read an obituary that we place in the newspaper, you will notice that we mention, "The Sullivan Funeral Home is honored to serve the family." We are honored that you call upon us at your most difficult time, and we place your needs above our own, just like John did.

Mario, Windy, and Maribella Billow

Planning a loved one's funeral is not an easy task. We find ourselves trying to work through the grieving process while preparing to properly memorialize our loved one. Having a caring and compassionate professional guide you through this difficult time eases the pain you may be experiencing. Our funeral home staff of directors and caregivers will help you make sound decisions that will offer a wonderful and lasting tribute to your loved one. Like our slogan says, we are "Lighting your way", and will make every effort to do so.

At Sullivan Funeral Home we know it is often the little things that make a big difference, and we offer a variety of services to ensure that every detail of planning a funeral or memorial services is as effortless and straightforward as possible. Our unique approach to memorial services allows our families to celebrate the lives of their loved ones in a variety of different ways. We invite you to combine our services with your own ideas to create a memorable funeral service for your loved one.

Sullivan Funeral HomeYour Comfort....

At Sullivan Funeral Home, we believe that your comfort during this time is of the upmost importance to us. Many families ask us, "Will you visit us in our home to make the arrangements?". The answer is "yes". Our goal is to offer you and your family a caring and compassionate atomosphere.


Our funeral home prides itself on our ability to make the final tribute to your loved one a special experience. We offer free of charge a tribute candle, memory portrait, memory video, and custom embroidery as well as a casket lid impression that symbolizes what your loved one's interests were. We are also the first funeral home in the area to offer webcasting at our facility or another facility such as a church or fraternal club.