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Janet Elizabeth Aronson

Jan Aronson

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Janet Elizabeth Aronson, of Enola, PA, passed away on Thursday, October 22, 2020 at the age of 69. Born on August 16, 1951 in London, England, Jan was the daughter of John King and Bessie King (Dixson). She moved to America with her husband and children in 1992 and lived in Burke, VA before settling in Enola in 1997.

Jan was a devoted mother and grandma, enjoyed bowling and attending concerts, and was beloved by all so fortunate as to know her. She was an animal lover – she was an avid equestrian in her youth and had an assortment of pets, usually dogs and cats, throughout her life. She was a truly kind soul and will be sorely missed.

She was preceded in death by her parents; her husband, Stephen Aronson; her brother, John King; and her granddaughter, Hazyl Aronson. She is survived by her two sons: Jon and his wife Maggie, of Wallingford, PA, and Mitch and his fiance Kylinn Hollenbach, of Mechanicsburg, PA. She is also survived by two grandchildren: Molly, daughter of Jon and Maggie; and Maximilian, son of Mitch and Kylinn.

Services will be held at Camp Hill United Methodist Church, where she was a member, on Wednesday, November 11, 2020. Visitation with the family will start at 12:30pm and the service will begin at 1:30pm. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, capacity is limited. As such, the church has asked that all attendees pre-register for the service. The pre-registration can be accessed on the church’s website at

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in Jan’s memory to Meals on Wheels – West Shore, at

The Sullivan Funeral Home is honored to serve the Aronson family.


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  1. Jan was a beautiful lady fool of life and always smiling. Our bowling league was blessed to have Jan bowl with us for so many years!

  2. Jan was my amazing auntie. I have so many fond memories of her; we spent such happy times together, when my siblings and I were children. She used to spoil us rotten!
    The relationship she had with my dad was both adorable and amusing. Dad told us of the times when he would pin down Jan, or have her in some sort of headlock, from which he would eventually release her, but only when she uttered the word “Uncle!”… This was to let him know that she could take no more. She often told us that it would take a lot before she gave in and, knowing what determined characters both Jan and my dad were, I could well believe it!
    We spent many Sundays at Nan’s house, where we would have roast dinner and Sunday tea. In the evening, we would gather in the kitchen: Nan (Jan’s mum), my mum (Marilyn), Jan and me… We had a system of making the sandwiches – Nan would butter the bread and Jan would put in the filling, which was often tinned ham. I never forget Jan scraping off at least half of the spread from the slices of bread that Nan had prepared, admonishing her for putting far too much on there! She would also join Dad in telling off Nan for feeding the grandchildren sugar cubes, as if they were sweets. I do not remember complaining about being fed them though!
    I looked up to Jan and the way in which she presented herself. I used to admire her nails, which were always beautifully manicured and painted – very often in a glamorous shade of red. She taught me how to paint my own, saying that if you needed to use more than three strokes per nail you were doing something wrong. To this day, I can hear her telling me that every time I paint my nails. Pillar box red (which was the shade she often wore) remains my favourite nail colour too.
    When Jan took me for a birthday treat at the Clarins Spa in Harrods (she did indeed spoil us), she told me that she had met a man called Steve, of whom she had grown very fond. I was so happy for her…
    An overriding memory of Jan is that of her on the day she married Steve. I can still picture her looking extremely beautiful, in a stunning aubergine outfit, but – more than anything – I clearly remember the look of love between them both.
    The last time I saw Jan was standing in my parents’ kitchen, where she handed me baby Mitchell to have a final cuddle, before they departed to live in the States. It was so difficult to say goodbye, but I remember having mixed emotions: I felt very excited for Jan, Steve, Jondy and Mitch, who were about to embark on a new chapter in their lives.
    I shall always hold dear the memories of our times together. Jan was very much loved and will always have a special place in my heart.
    Samantha xxx

  3. Janet was my cousin, she was a few years older than me so I always looked up to her. My Dad was younger brother to Jan’s mum my Aunt Bess and we often visited them in their home in Ruislip above the garage where Uncle John worked. I have such fond memories of those visits. Jan was a lot of fun and I remember her giggles, so like her mum. I feel so sad that I did not get to see her again often she and Steve moved to America. Rest in peace Jan.

  4. Janet was sister to John and my sister in law – A lovely caring person with a beautiful smile. I have lots of lovely memories of Jan. She was a bridesmaid at our wedding in 1971 and when her nieces and nephew arrived, Jan was a brilliant Auntie, taking them for days out and spoiling them.
    John and I were fortunate enough to spend time with them again when we went to stay in Enola, after they had moved to America, when Jonathan and Mitchell were young. We had a lovely time. Jan and Steve took us to so many places and the visit to see the Liberty Bell was amazing.
    We all still really laugh at the stories John and Jan used to tell us about him teasing her when they young and I will treasure those memories always.
    Janet will be truly missed, a beautiful person and a loving wonderful Mum.
    Love always
    Marilyn x

  5. Janet was our cousin and a truly lovely person we All came from the East End of London. We would meet up with our families go on holidays together always have unforgettable times together.Jans parents moved to Ruslip we kept in touch loved to go down there when we were young we go to the lovely garedens there and cut the roseheads off and come back and make purfume up above yhe car showroom where they lived.Jan trained to be a nurse but suffered back problems and couldnt do it. Jan suffered low blood pressure and she fainted at a bus stop and when she woke she was in hospital no idea how she got there oh we did laugh at that.Jan will always remain in our hearts such a shame we will not see that beautiful smile and hear her laughter again sending our love from Poplar and Essex England takecare of each other boys x

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